Destinations to visit in December

The final month of the year marks the time once individuals in northern climates begin trying around for Associate in Nursing escape to the sun. fortuitously, there ar massive components of the planet that have their best weather of the year at now, and ar all-time low still, once you get there.

Most of the destinations below ar in Latin America and geographic region, therefore looking on wherever you’re ranging from it would be a rather long flight to induce there. several people will take time period or maybe additional around now of year, however that reality means all of those places do get crowded and lift building costs for the weeks around Christmas and New Year’s. Speaking of that, we’ve a separate list of low-cost and heat places to travel over Christmas and New Year’s, solely listing beach areas round the world with cheap hotels throughout that amount.


The Americas

A few components of {latin america|Latin America|geographical ara|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are still rainy in Dec, however most of it’s clear and enjoying the simplest climate of the year. each single town on this list and in these regions can get additional crowded and pricy simply before Christmas, therefore visit earlier if you’re probing for bargains.
The Caribbean
Just as with Cancun mentioned below, the remainder of the Caribbean has glorious weather however terribly moderate costs, till simply before Christmas. On the Fri before Christmas the region fills up and stays packed (at high prices) till middle Gregorian calendar month, except for those initial three weeks you’ll get nice deals, particularly on country and Jamaica.

Cancun, Mexico
December avg high: 83F/28C
December avg low: 70F/21C
December avg precip: 3.8?/9.5cm
While Cancun has become the king of the Mexican beach resort cities within the few decades since it absolutely was shaped, it’s just one of the many, and every one of them on each coasts have terribly nice weather in Dec. In fact, Cancun is perhaps the foremost pricy of them, therefore particularly if you’re returning from the West Coast you’re more contented in Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, or Los Cabos instead.

Once again, it’s price noting that the primary 1/2 Dec are cheaper and much less crowded than the time around Christmas, therefore if it’s potential you must come back early for best worth. Still, compared to, say, city, Cancun and also the alternative Mexican resort cities ar way cheaper and a minimum of as fun still. By the way, Cancun is principally simply a strip of high-rise hotels on a stunning beach, whereas Playa del Carmen (about Associate in Nursing hour south) could be a real tourist-friendly city with smaller hotels still as many restaurants and retailers to settle on from.


Punta Cana, country
December avg high: 84F/29C
December avg low: 73F/23C
December avg precip: zero.8?/2.0cm
As Dec begins within the Caribbean, the cyclone season is formally over and also the weather is just about excellent by any commonplace. Punta Cana is one among the Dominican Republic’s most well liked resort areas, particularly for people who aren’t significantly inquisitive about riveting the native culture. this is often a area with fantastic beaches and not abundant history.

Unsurprisingly, the top of Dec is that the starting of the height season for resort costs, therefore people who ar able to come back earlier within the month are convalescing deals. Still, the comprehensive resorts ar latched in significant competition all year therefore this space is an excellent deal compared to the alternatives, even in peak season.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

December avg high: 85F/29C
December avg low: 73F/23C
December avg precip: one.6?/4.0cm
As with alternative Caribbean resort destinations, the weather in city is ideal in Dec, and also the half of the month remains low-cost for flights and resort costs. The weekend before Christmas is once high season here starts, and if you book early enough you’ll still get a decent deal then, however don’t expect several unpunctual bargains throughout that amount.

Montego Bay’s busy landing field has low-cost flights from most major hubs together with several in Europe, therefore it’s one among the simpler places to succeed in still. If city itself doesn’t sound excellent then you may instead contemplate Negril or Ocho Rios, each of that ar regarding ninety minutes from constant landing field and every incorporates a totally different feel.


Cartagena, Colombia

December avg high: 86F/30C
December avg low: 76F/24C
December avg precip: one.3?/3.3cm
By early Dec the season is just about over in Cartagena, and it cools down simply a trifle additional still, that the weather extremely doesn’t get any higher than this. like most others on this list, right around Christmas you’ll notice that hotels get dearer and ar additional crowded , therefore if you’ll go earlier within the month you’ll be paying less and coping with few crowds.

Cartagena is turning into a awfully in style winter beach destination for individuals from North America, and it’s still an incredible cut price compared to higher glorious places, however it would not keep that approach forever. As Republic of Colombia gets additional in style (and as long because it stays safe) then costs ought to keep rising at these resort cities.

Mexico town, Mexico

December avg high: 69F/21C
December avg low: 44F/7C
December avg precip: zero.2?/0.5cm
Surprising to some individuals, Dec will really be a trifle cool in Mexican capital, particularly in the dead of night. Its elevation keeps it delicate all year, however a minimum of the season is completely over by Dec, therefore it’s a perfect month for an inexpensive cultural vacation, maybe combined with a visit to 1 of Mexico’s several beach resorts.

As Christmas approaches town can refill way more, therefore if you’ll go early within the month you’ll be far better off. however notwithstanding you can’t go before the last week of the month you’ll still notice Mexican capital to be an amazing cut price compared to just about anyplace else in North America. It’s an excellent searching destination, and not only for goofy souvenirs, therefore that’s one thing to suppose still.

Lima, Peru

December avg high: 76F/24C
December avg low: 66F/19C
December avg precip: zero.0?/0.0cm
While Dec is kind of busy in Lima, as a awfully in style summer beach destination for South Americans, it’s conjointly still terribly reasonable therefore it’s price considering if you’re exploring the continent. The beaches aren’t spectacular as they’re in Brazil et al., however Lima remains {a nice|an excellent|a good} summer town with great out of doors life now of year.

The food, together with its renowned ceviche dishes, could be a explicit highlight here, and also the holidaymaker district of Miraflores is jam-choked with fascinating and low-cost restaurants. Basic and low-cost hotels ar within the same neighborhood, therefore it’s a far better various to the historic center of Lima for many individuals. By the way, the season in Cusco starts in Dec, that the trails will typically be bring to a halt, though many of us go anyway.



San Jose, Costa Rica

December avg high: 75F/24C
December avg low: 57F/14C
December avg precip: one.6?/4.0cm
We use San Jose on this website as a result of it’s the capital, the most important town, and also the name of the largest landing field, however within the case of Republic of Costa Rica, this is often really a town you don’t wish to linger certain long. Dec starts the season in most of the country, therefore this is often the best time to hit the beaches on either coast (surfing is healthier on the Pacific) or maybe hit the national parks and rain forests.

Most people returning to Republic of Costa Rica either settle at a beach resort the entire time or they visit the Arenal volcano and do journey sports in several components of the country. Either approach is okay, or a mixture of the 2, and clearly costs ar attending to be and crowds can grow around Christmas, therefore going early is healthier if you’ll pull it off.

Santiago, Chile

December avg high: 83F/28C
December avg low: 54F/12C
December avg precip: zero.1?/0.3cm
The weather throughout Dec is Santiago is just about excellent, with heat days and nights cool enough so anyone will sleep without having air-con. this is often clearly a part of peak season in Santiago, though the primary 1/2 the month won’t be as crowded or pricy because the half.

It’s true that Santiago isn’t thought of a top-hole destination by everybody, however it’s an incredible base for a visit involving many stops in Chile, particularly now of year. There’s the Colonial city of urban center and plenty of journey cities within the mountains, therefore you’ll get a trifle of everything in at terribly cheap costs.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

December avg high: 83F/28C
December avg low: 65F/18C
December avg precip: four.1?/10.3cm
Unlike most cities on South America’s West Coast, national capital has fairly consistent precipitation all year long, and you may see a trifle of the wet stuff even throughout Dec. Still, the temperatures ought to be ideal for being outdoors, and this is often extremely largely an enclosed town anyway, therefore once it will rain you’ll be able to pop into a store or repository or restaurant and have an excellent time.

Hotel costs undoubtedly go up in around Christmas therefore it’s best to return early within the month if that’s potential, however it’s still a reasonably smart cut price even throughout the height weeks. Book early if you’ll as a result of the higher and cheaper hotels can refill initial, of course. conjointly contemplate a aspect trip to the Mendoza wine region, Patagonia, or the wonderful water falls of falls.

Rio American state Janeiro, Brazil

December avg high: 88F/31C
December avg low: 72F/22C
December avg precip: five.1?/12.8cm
December is one more fantastic month for weather in Brazil, though you’ll expect some short tropical rain storms one or two times weekly, sometimes solely Associate in Nursing hour approximately when. It’s conjointly obtaining heat enough that you simply ar attending to desire a building with air-con to induce to sleep in the dead of night, since it’ll be heat and wet even within the wee hours.

As with most on this list, hotels get terribly full and dearer simply before the Christmas holidays, therefore it’s higher to return early within the month if potential. That approach you’ll have your decide of places at some astonishingly smart space rates, even at some high-end places on the renowned beaches. If you’re returning throughout Christmas then book a building currently as a result of they’ll be full and can keep obtaining dearer the longer you wait.

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