Aadhaar Virtual ID "Unworkable", Will Oppose Tooth-And-Nail: Petitioners

Aadhaar Virtual ID “Unworkable”, Will Oppose Tooth-And-Nail: Petitioners

NEW DELHI: a new move to secure Aadhaar, in which a randomly-generated 16-digit temporary number will be shared rather than the biometric ID, are opposed in the Supreme Court by petitioners who are fighting a case against the system.

“The new virtual ID is untested and unfeasible. The UIDAI is trying to rectify technical breach by its untested technology,” aforementioned a petitioner, adding, “In the hearing next week, we’ll oppose it tooth and nail.”

The Supreme Court is hearing the petitioners’ legal challenge to the validity of the 12-digit distinctive identification number and the government’s move to make it obligatory.

Aadhaar Virtual ID "Unworkable", Will Oppose Tooth-And-Nail: Petitioners

Yesterday, the UIDAI – the authority that runs the government’s Aadhaar programme – declared the virtual ID system language it might check leak and misuse of biometric knowledge collected from many Indians.

The “Virtual ID”, reportedly in the making for months, debuted days when a newspaper report claimed access to the Aadhaar information for simply Rs. five hundred paid digitally.

In yesterday’s order, the UIDAI aforesaid it might release the Virtual ID software by 1 March. individuals are ready to generate a short lived 16-digit range that may be shared instead of the Aadhaar number for numerous services like at airline or railway counters.

Aadhaar Virtual ID "Unworkable", Will Oppose Tooth-And-Nail: Petitioners

The Aadhaar authority has also introduced the idea of world authentication agencies, largely government bodies, which can have access to e-Know Your client (e-KYC) data.

The Supreme Court is hearing variety of petitions that have challenged the validity of Aadhaar and linking of the ID to phones, account numbers, numerous services and welfare schemes.

COMMENTSActivists say making Aadhaar linking necessary violates the proper to Privacy {and the|and therefore the|and also the} large scale sharing of biometric data like iris scans and finger printing also leaves room for misuse.

Around 119 crore individuals are issued Aadhaar cards to date.